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Our little Stinkbat logo is hiding a link to our Calendar of Events. If you click on it anywhere on the SWR website it will take you to our calendar. The calendar will list locations in which SWR will be providing educational outreaches. We will see you soon!

SWR had a very productive year. With the help of Jodie Patrick we created a more productive volunteer program and were able to get a quality number of volunteer assistance of over 335 hours. We were able to provide about 50 hours of education to the public and assisted over 217 animals. That’s a rate of about 4 animals a week with all volunteers and the owner working full time jobs. 
We were able to assist about 48 wildlife rehabbers in various states impacted by the rash of hurricanes. SWR was able to collect about $2453.53 and an additional ≈ $15,000 with the help of Animal Help Now, IWRC and Love Animals to help these impacted rehabbers. Thousands of animals were assisted due to your help. There has never been so much assistance for wildlife rehabbers ever before. We wildlife rehabbers and the animals cannot thank you all enough! 
SWR received many generous donations this year, particularly from one anonymous donor, which allowed us to provide over $1500 worth or medications and veterinarian care to wildlife. We were able to purchase formula, fresh food, insects and supplements to help all that came into our care. We had volunteers provide food, cleaning supplies and building supplies out of their own pockets. We have three new enclosures completed due to their time and donations. There was also many donations of formula, medical supplies, bedding and food from you guys, the public! 
The love you all have for animals is very apparent. Helping SWR has allowed us to do this for the animals. We at SWR cannot thank you enough, we are very humbled by your assistance. 
2018 will be a very busy year. We will have many opportunities for you to come meet the education animals at various outreaches and we will be here for wildlife in need. 
I would like to personally thank all that have helped SWR this year:
Jodie and Kevin Patrick, Brittany Adams, Brenda Sendejo, Elena Rizzo, Amanda Lollar, Kate Rugroden, Colby Jackson, Jennifer Tucker, Sarah Gorton, Lora Salfi, Jennifer and Adam Schulz, Holly Markgraf, Charles Godin, Maggie Wunderlich, Travis Keast, Kirk Rea, Birgit Sommers, Valerie Jagneaux, Susan Hutchinson-Carr, Tyra Kane, Dr. Richardson, Dr. Coke, Dr. Ellington, Dr. Luper, Dr. Garza, Dr. Sutton, and Sonny Pacheco

​We have added a new educational treat to the wonderful things we offer for education. We now have a portable Bat Cave in which you can come in and meet bats, read, look and touch all types of bat related educational items. Let us know if you want the Bat Cave at your educational outreach/program/event: