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We are accepting donations so please click on the Wish List to find out what we need. Baby Season is just around the corner!


Southern Wildlife Rehab now has their state educational display permit and USDA permit. We will be able to provide educational classes with live animals. We only keep animals that cannot be rehabilitated and released in the wild but can survive well in captivity. So we have only a limited number of live animals available. See the new education page for the current educational animals we have. 

​Its official, Southern Wildlife Rehab is now also the location for Bat World Alamo! We are proud to be part of Bat World Sanctuary which is accredited organization with both the Global Federation of Animal Sanctuaries and the American Sanctuary Association!

Ways to help SWR:

Send Fox Valley formula for skunks and squirrels. Ask Nick about the Sponsorship of Goods Program:

Send Miracles nipples or o-ring syringes or Lactated Ringers Solution from Chris' Squirrel Store:

Send hand warmers: ​​

We also use baby blankets, surgical towels and any other unwanted medical supplies.

Make a monetary donation and get this really nifty pen with a stylus on the end. Make sure to make your mailing address clear. 

WE ARE A 501(C)(3) NON-PROFIT     ORGANIZATION (EIN: 47-2845734)



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