Southern Wildlife Rehab, Inc. 

A 501(c)(3) Non-Profit Organization

Charles Godin (Shades),

Habitat Coordinator,


Lora Salfi, 

Transporter, Volunteer, Texas

Holly Markgraf

Animal Care Volunteer, Texas

Kirk Rea

Habitat Coordinator, Texas

Jodie Patrick,
Vice President, Volunteer Coordinator 

Subpermittee, Texas

Valerie Jagneaux

Volunteer, Louisiana

Dr. Melinda Luper, DVM

Fur & Feather Veterinary Hospital

Brittany Adams

Lead Animal Care Supervisor, Subpermittee, Texas

Debbie Simmons Harris,

Director of Wild Babies

Care Sanctuary,


Brenda Shear Sendejo,

Animal Care Volunteer, Quality Control Director, Texas

Maggie Wunderlich, 

Director of Grant Writing,

Animal Care Volunteer, Texas 

Nelda Gelber,

Volunteer, Texas

Michelle Walmsely

Volunteer, Texas

Adam Schulze

Subpermittee, Texas

Jennifer Schulze

Subpermittee, Texas

Becky Delcambre

Permitted Wildlife Rehabilitator, Louisiana

Southern Wildlife Rehab, Inc. was founded by Michelle Camara in 2014. She has rehabilitated animals for over 30 years. 

The subpermittees, volunteers, vets and consulting experts from all over the United States help us in our efforts to rescue and rehabilitate native wildlife. 

We are all 100 % unpaid volunteers. We

rely on donations to care for wildlife. 

We are based in Texas and Louisiana. 

Michelle Camara is a permitted Wildlife Rehabber and has a State Educational Display and USDA permits. (Curriculum Vitae provided upon request).

Our wildlife rescuers


Kevin Patrick

Secretary, Texas

​​​Sonny Pacheco,

Subpermittee, Texas

Dr. Patrick Richardson, DVM

Broadway Oaks Animal Hospital

(Pictured with the late great Dr. Vice)

Colby Foster-Jackson

Subpermittee, Texas