Dr. Melinda Luper, DVM

Fur & Feather Veterinary Hospital

Lahana Torok, 

Subpermittee, Texas

 Southern Wildlife Rehab, Inc. was founded by   Michelle Camara in 2014. She has rehabilitated animals for over 30 years. 


 The subpermittees, volunteers, vets and   consulting experts from all over the United   States help us in our efforts to rescue and  rehabilitate native wildlife. 

 We are all 100 % unpaid volunteers. We

 rely on donations to care for wildlife. 

 We are based in Texas and Louisiana. 

 Michelle Camara is a permitted Wildlife   Rehabber and has a State Educational Display and USDA permits.

(Curriculum Vitae provided upon request).

Our wildlife rescuers

Renee Harper - Helps SWR in various ways. She was the designer and creator of our adorable Stinkbat logo. She advocates for SWR and has had a fundraiser for us. We can't thank her enough for all the things she does for SWR! 

She is the owner of Sweet Midnight  and Old Bisbee Ghost Tours

Elena Rizzo  manages Into the Wild, Inc. She assists SWR with advice and paperwork. She has been instrumental in making sure we have legal and proper paper work in place. She also advises on disease control and protocols. Donate to Into the Wild, Inc. 

Brenda Zukowski,

Secretary, Quality Control Director,  Subpermittee, Texas​

Cindi Edwards,

Subpermittee, Texas

Adam Schulze

Subpermittee, Texas

Becky Delcambre

Permitted Wildlife Rehabilitator, Louisiana

Vanessa Irino - Helps SWR with educational display items for the public such as creating native bats in resin so the public can safely see more native bats up close. She is an artist and creator and owner of JRock Ginger.
*Permitted educational animal folks if you would like to commission Vanessa Irino please contact her at jrockginger@hotmail.com. She also has some very awesome custom jewelry.

(It is illegal to possess native wildlife pelts of parts unless you have a permit or license)

Brittany Adams

Vice President

Lead Animal Care Supervisor, Subpermittee, Texas

Debbie Simmons Harris,

Director of Wild Babies

Care Sanctuary,


Nelda Gelber,

Volunteer, Texas

Jennifer Schulze

Subpermittee, Texas

​Toni Asperin,

Volunteer, Texas

Ruben Avalos, 

Marketing, Subpermittee, Texas

Valerie Jagneaux

Subpermitee, Louisiana

Moon Taylor, 

Director of Educational Animals and Enrichment,

​Owner, Spiritual Wildlife Rescue & Rehabilitation Sanctuary, Texas

Extra folks that work with SWR!

Soqui Serrano Rea,

Volunteer, Texas

Kirk Rea

Habitat Coordinator, Texas

Stephanie Huffman, 

Permitted Wildlife Rehabilitator, Texas


Lora Salfi, 

Subpermitee, Texas

Dr. Patrick Richardson, DVM

Broadway Oaks Animal Hospital

(Pictured with the late great Dr. Vice)

Southern Wildlife Rehab, Inc.

Located in San Antonio, Texas