Southern Wildlife Rehab, Inc.

Please call us if you need assistance. We do not take birds, deer, raccoons, alligators or venomous snakes (for these animals go to the resources on the tab "Found an Animal"). Please be 18 years of age or older when you call or have your parents call.

Do not touch the animal at all or offer food or water. Place the animal in a box by using gloves and a towel and provide air holes in the box. Place the box in a quiet location and keep it away from sunlight, pets, children and ants. 

Do not try to be an internet rehabber. You can kill the animal with incorrect care and expose yourself, your family and pets to diseases. 

Up to this point you have done everything you to ensure that the animal is given the best care. This animal cannot thank you enough. 


P.O. Box 6130 San Antonio TX 78209 


(210) 272-9621

Convenient Downtown Location

Animal emergencies are too important to us and the animal! We do not accept text. Do not email us. Call! If we don't answer, leave a message. We will call back ASAP!