Southern Wildlife Rehab, Inc.

Located in San Antonio, Texas

Tell your local businesses and friends to sponsor a public school class. 

Folklife Festival 2019

Sponsors and Classes Available

BooHole at

Wimberly Regional Park

Boo! Hole 2018,

Wimberly, Texas

If you are a teacher at a public school and interested in the "Sponsor a Class" program by SWR please send an email to We will put you on a waiting list and let you know when your class has been sponsored. Please include a time frame you would like the class, grade of your students and location (presently we are only able to provide this program in San Antonio, Texas. Skype classes are available for other locations). (Michelle Camara's Curriculum Vitae provided upon request).

​Zoo Boo!!!

Volunteer programs for Girl and Boy Scouts, ROTC, or any group (COVID-19 protocols req)

 The SWR Bat Cave is a portable pop-up tent 8'X8' that can be set up     anywhere (inside or outside) that contains batty information, exhibits and   live indigenous bats in enclosures. One of the SWR staff is inside to guide   you through the information and answer any batty questions.