Southern Wildlife Rehab, Inc.

Located in San Antonio, Texas

Photo by Kristy Wynne @finessephotographysatx  

Wildlife rehabbers across the USA need volunteers especially during baby season. Every facility has their own rules, requirements and protocols. Volunteers are needed due to wildlife facilities run on donations and paying for the expenses out of their own pockets. Caring for wildlife and getting it back out where it belong keeps a healthy balance for our communities. 

LORENA, TEXAS - We at Wildlife Rehab Lorena could use help from volunteers We treat most Texas native wildlife including small mammals, large mammals and all types of birds. We are looking for self-motivated people who are willing to learn and want to help the wildlife. Our website is we can be reached at 505-715-9167 and our location is 697 Monument trail Lorena, TX 76655. We are right outside of Waco Texas and close to the big cities Dallas and Austin

Southern Wildlife Rehab is looking for a VOLUNTEER over the age of 18 yrs old in the San Antonio area that is able to assist on educational programs during the weekdays and possibly weekends. We have many bookings and need a little extra help making sure animals are comfortable during the session, exhibits don’t walk off, animals are not being touched without permission and loading and unloading everything.
You will not be allowed to handle any rabies vector species without proof of preexposure rabies vaccine or current titer. 
Prior wildlife knowledge is not required, but helpful. Speaking Spanish is a major plus, but not required.
We are a small 501c3 that is all volunteer. We get a small donation for outreaches that goes directly to animal care. I am able to provide you with food and drinks out of my own pocket.

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GRETNA, LOUISIANA - Jennifer Bromley Leo, 504-975-6562 or - If anyone is interested in learning how to help and care for orphaned and injured wildlife please reach out to me. I am licensed with Louisiana Wildlife and Fisheries and I am in need of people to help out this baby season. I am unable to take in many animals this year due to school and I don't want the babies to suffer. It will mainly be squirrels, possums and bunnies. I am located on the Westbank however if you are willing to travel, I am willing to train! If I feel you are capable of handling the babies on your own I will add you to my license and you will be legal to possess the wildlife in your care until it is time to release. It's a demanding "job" however very rewarding