Elivis Presley's Can't Help Falling in Love with you.

Because every little life that comes into our care, we can't help but falling in love with them. 

Southern Wildlife Rehab, Inc.

Located in San Antonio, Texas

Besides monetary donations we are in need of the following items all the time:

Paper towels
Purina Cat Chow Complete

Horned worms
Puppy pads

Eco earth
Baby food of any kind
Baby wipes
Hay (Timothy or alfalfa)
Rat food

Rabbit food
Monkey Biscuits
Rodent blocks

Fox Valley 32/40 Formula

Esbilac Goats Milk Formula

La 200 from Fox Valley 

Miracle Nipples for squirrels from Chris' Squirrel Store


Hydrogen Peroxide

Nitrile gloves (the blue ones)


Flannel blankets

Cloth diapers

Ferret and cat toys

Unwanted medical supplies and equipment

If its not listed, please ask if its something we could use. 

We assist a variety of species such as insects, amphibians, reptiles, bats and skunks.