mental health in practice

How to take care of your mental health in practice

The advancement of technology has brought countless benefits to our daily lives, but it has also increased pressure, increased demands and generated more stress and discouragement. This directly impacts our body which triggers a warning signal that our mental health is not well. But, after all, what can we do in practice to prevent it from getting worse? Let’s explain. 

It’s common to look for a doctor to do a checkup and find out how the physique is doing. But, part of the population does not have the same care when it comes to the mind. This is extremely worrying, since health is one and the same. In addition to healthy habits such as quality sleep and exercise, we should follow up with a qualified professional to help us deal with our feelings and emotions. 

Pay attention to your mental health

Consulting with psychologists should be common for everyone, especially for those who have some of these signs:

1. Avoid going out and isolate yourself 🏠

Everyone needs some time for themselves, but if isolation is recurring, you need to be aware. Especially in cases where you no longer feel like going out with friends and family.

2. Nights poorly slept often 😪 

Sleep is one of our body’s regulators. When we go without sleep or have interrupted sleep, neurotransmitter levels are affected and we release more stress hormones, which impairs emotional balance.

3. Change in appetite 🍽️

When we are not well mentally, lack or excess of appetite can occur. This happens because our emotional influences the relationship with food. Anxiety, discouragement and exhaustion can be some of the reasons.

4. Changes in behavior 🤯 

When we go through an uncomfortable situation, it is common for a change of mood for a short period. But when this change affects behavior for longer, you need to seek help to understand why.

Have you ever stopped to reflect on how your feelings, ideas and emotions are? They are a guide to what you should pay more attention to.

What does it mean to have quality mental health? 

Finding harmony in our emotional, psychological and social integrity can seem challenging, but it is worth it in every aspect of your life. Check out what you get:

  • Knowing how to deal with emotions 😁

Every day we go through different situations, good and bad. Understanding how each emotion affects you will help you deal with them in the best way.

  • Learn what your limits are 🤚

Knowing how to get out of conflicts and discountable situations is essential for mental well-being. Recognizing and respecting your limits and failures improves your relationships with others and with yourself.

  • Full attention 🤔

Do you live the present? Sometimes we get carried away by thoughts, emotions and impulses that are harmful. Focusing on what you’re doing helps you get off autopilot and puts you in control of your feelings.

  • Self-knowledge 🗝

Understanding that we are human and embracing our weaknesses is part of the process of self-knowledge. Identifying something that can be improved is the first step to becoming a better version.

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