Mental Well-Being

The Guide to Meditation for Mental Well-Being

Have you ever stopped to think how boredom, irritation and anxiety increased with the arrival of the pandemic? And unlike her, who is already leaving, these emotions remained and still affect well-being. When looking for solutions to calm the mind , one of the great strategies is meditation. 

Coming from India and with ancient origins, meditation aims to calm thoughts. It is a particular activity that seeks to achieve a state of mental and emotional clarity. Meditation is a moment that will help the person to think and organize their ideas more clearly.

The pursuit of silence

Meditation, through silence, can help in various aspects of life, it is the way to connect being and being. The emptying of thoughts makes it possible to look from the inside out, a way of seeing through a new context. In addition, there are other benefits for those who practice meditation. 

1. Increases concentration power

Practicing every day can increase concentration, in addition, the fittest are able to give quick answers because they are more focused on the activity being carried out at the moment. Total focus on the present.

2. Calms the mind

Have you ever read a book and out of nowhere came some random thoughts? Yeah, this is the time to stop, breathe and meditate. Just stop for a few minutes and focus on your breathing.

3. Decreases stress

If you got stressed, it’s because there’s some imbalance in there. Breathe, take time and accept that there are times for everything. Doing what needs to be done, without distractions or overruns.

4. Assists in relieving physical and mental pain

We’re always on the verge of receiving an overload, there’s no body and mind that can handle it, right? Have a little more focus and meditation can be a great ally.

5. Improves memory

Meditation brings improvement in regions of the brain that involve memory, stress, learning and emotions. It can favor appropriate conditions for the multiplication of neurons, responsible for our memory.

Can the digital world help meditate?

Oops, of course. The truth is that there is no shortage of resources to take care of your emotional well-being on your cell phone screen. Check out some apps that help you meditate, practice yoga and adopt good habits .

1. Calm down

This is a famous meditation and sleep app. Available for iOS and Android, it offers guided meditations, bedtime stories, breathing routines and relaxation music recommended by psychology professionals, therapists and mental health professionals.

2. Happyify

Happify helps to deal with stress, negative thoughts and build resilience through games and activities. They are based on positive psychology, mindfulness and cognitive behavioral therapy.

3. Headspace

It offers a range of breathing and meditation exercises to manage stress and relax throughout the day, such as taking care of mental health, improving productivity and improving physical activity performance.

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